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Starting with about five people, the group now has over 25 members and continues to grow each month. Other attendees include people like Family Court Judge Linda Bramlage; Pat Raverty, who represents the county extension district and is a former county commissioner; Mike Apgar from the public library, Joe Humbert and Les Hill from the sheriff’s department; and Bill Boyle, deputy superintendent of Walton-Verona schools.

”I feel like I’m a better commissioner having gone through these meetings,” said Boone County Commissioner Charlie Kenner, who is chairman of the county health board. ”When you get everyone involved, you avoid duplicating services and the county gets more bang for its buck.” Property valuation professionals involved at all stages of property valuation adelaide. Hire licensed property valuers from well known property valuation industries. The group does not want to be like other committees formed by governmental bodies that often exhibit more talk than action. They point to several accomplishments they’ve made after having met only five times.One of them is saving the job of a school truancy officer. The Walton-Verona school district earlier this year learned it was losing a grant for behavioral problems used to pay for the truant officer. It lost the grant after the district’s truancy problems were deemed to be health-related instead of behavior-related. The truancy officer had helped Walton reduce its dropout rate to zero and increase its daily attendance rate to 96 percent. Through the monthly luncheons, Boyle came in contact with Kenner, who told him that because the truant officer dealt with health-related issues, the health board could pick up the tab with its budget surplus.

In turn, based on the information from Walton-Verona involving the connection between truancy and health, health board members decided to open two health clinics at R.A. Jones middle school and Collins Elementary in hopes of improving attendance. If successful, officials say they will open a third clinic at Kelly Elementary. The luncheon group is also responsible for placing two high school students on planning committees in charge of the design of Conrad and Gunpowder Creek parks, which are both scheduled to open in the next two years.

Funding options for grade-school science programs are also being explored through the meetings. The group at first wanted to concentrate its efforts on children up to the age of 18. But the group has been so successful, members are thinking of expanding to helping the elderly and, down the line, the entire county. Down the road, members of the group also say they hope to get involved with the state’s community college system, a branch of which will soon be located in Boone County.

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Liles said Richards will remain in a drug-induced coma for several days, but investigators might have a chance to speak to him about his attackers later this week. Police also hope to view garage security camera recordings today or tomorrow for more information about the attack. Witnesses described a dark-colored pick-up truck, possibly a Chevrolet S10 or Ford Ranger, leaving the garage just after the attack with two white men inside. Anyone with information should call Covington police.

Mare Kutt, Elvi Parmo and Susi Ene, who were victims of the scheme, have filed suit in U.S. District Court in Covington against Jerry Phillips, officer in charge of the Immigration and Naturalization Service office in Louisville. Phillips said the correct forum for the dispute is an INS removal hearing before immigration judge — not federal court. “Although (Phillips) strongly denies that such promises were made to plaintiffs, the merits of those claims are not before the (federal court judge) at this time,” Phillips said in court papers filed in response to the suit.

But a Wilder woman who befriended the Estonian women says she heard the INS agents promised to help them find jobs here. “I witnessed the INS promise, on more than one occasion, that if Ms. Parmo, Ms. Ene and Ms. Real estate Valuation team hold office detailed knowledge and experience in the sydney Property Market, as well as the greater metropolitan area. Kutt gave the INS information so that they could prosecute the individuals involved, they would be able to remain in the country, get their green cards and even bring some of their family members to the United States,” Beulah Duddey said in an affidavit. Instead, court records show, the INS sent the three women a letter dated April 15 that said that they were no longer needed as federal witnesses and had to leave the United States by Oct. 15 and return to Estonia.

The women are being allowed to stay in the country until the case is resolved. Their attorney, Firooz Namei of Cincinnati, says in the lawsuit that the federal government must fulfill its promises. “This is more crucial than ever when the government needs to rely on the citizenry to fight crime and terrorism,” Namei wrote. The women helped prosecute Alexandre Grunichev, an Estonian native, and Shelia Dean. Both were living in Hebron at the time.

Grunichev eventually pleaded guilty to one count of inducing illegal workers to move to the United States and was sentenced in March 2001 to 18 months in prison. Dean pleaded guilty to conspiracy to encourage illegal immigrants to move to the United States and was sentenced in March 2001 to six months of home incarceration and five years’ probation.